This is an enormous data base of tracks that are organized by feel and style for easy search. The scope is unimaginably vast with over 800 tracks that are for the most part available for licensing or just a demo: solo piano, jazz, rock, pop, classical, film score, sound design, original songs, commercials, orchestral,  animation, comedy, etc.  Note that a good deal of the tracks including some orchestral ones are virtual.  There is a short montage in front of the DVD so you can get a quick thumbnail overview.

The data base (PDF) is included in the DVD in the index file as well as a resume of Les’ work. There are some albums included. He has been nominated for 7 Grammy awards as well as a performance on the show, There is also a Cleo, an Emmy, 2 commissioned orchestra pieces and many film festival awards. He also had 4 piano pieces premiered at Carnegie Hall last year by renowned concert/jazz pianist & department head at LSU, Willis Delony.

So feel free to call with any questions you may have, I’d be happy to answer them for you. 

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Ghost Train              

Beethoven-like Orchestra  (virtual)

Delta commercial  Nes Un Dorma 

Acura commercial  (jazz)

Gypsy jazz (Alan Hinds)

Rainier commercial (Sheryl Crow)

Isuzu (  Big Band Play-on)

Honda    (Al Jarreau)

Polaroid  (French) 

Feathers (delicate virtual orchestra)

Triadic Odyssey (piano album)

Journey (orchestral drama)

NBA        Rock  (Sherwood Ball)

Baby Ruth  (Freddie Cole) Nat’s brother

Jazz Rap   (LH vocal.composer)

Toyota   (Spanish guitar)

New Orleans Rock   (commercial)

Swing Band     (film)

Taking Out the Horses  (drama)

Swat Team Swarm  (Theatrical commercial)

Roadflower     (film song / LH vocal)

Thrill Ride   (film - music & sound design)

Hot Pursuit  (chase - film)

Riverdance    (album)

 Neutrogena  (Cool Water)

Killing Christian  (closing credits)

Prologue  (film - Being John Malkovich)

                  (end - 12:07)